What permissions do I have as a Member Organization on icagile.com?

Users associated with a Member Organization may act as an Instructor and/or Account Manager on icagile.com. 

Review the permissions granted to each of these user roles below.

Instructor Permissions

Those with the Instructor role are able to:

  • view their class rosters and re-issue welcome emails to students,
  • access the ICAgile Guide for Accreditation and Authorization Sessions,
  • view required slides for course presentations,
  • view feedback for previous classes and
  • access marketing resources.

If you are an Instructor and you need access to other ICAgile resources, we encourage you to contact an Account Manager at your organization.

Account Manager Permissions

In addition to the permissions granted to Instructors, Account Managers are able to:

  • add & edit class details,
  • request course accreditation matrices,
  • book accreditation, authorization, and professional coaching demo sessions,
  • use the Scoreboard feature to compare feedback,
  • manage users & permissions,
  • manage your organization's profile and
  • purchase certification units.

Students are able to view their certifications and manage profile settings.

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